Below are a few highlights from my career (so far!) designing, building and launching interdisciplinary teams, projects and institutes at internationally recognized, top tier research universities.


  • A career focused on humans and our environment with an emphasis on advancing societal objectives
  • Led complex interdisciplinary academic environmental institutes through significant leadership transitions at the Earth Institute at Columbia University, The Nelson Institute at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the Institute on the Environment (IonE) at the University of Minnesota
  • Identified and capitalized on political, partnership and funding windows to launch a wide range of new research and education initiatives
  • Ensured institute missions and visions were well represented to the public, to senior university leaders, and in fundraising activities large and small

Management and Strategy

Research Development and Support

  • Orchestrated preparation and submission of large, complex, multi-investigator and multi-institutional research proposals with roughly 30% success rate
  • Implemented non-sponsored effort policies that improved security for soft-money researchers
  • Negotiated research contracts with Federal and private agencies with minimal delay in research initiation
  • Revised and re-scoped research programs funded at reduced levels while ensuring that central objectives were protected
  • Participated in the design process of research buildings resulting in significant intellectual contributions to resulting building concept